How could you help?

To get you started with what you could do:

I can use market stands, I need 3000 sealed lollypops, I need helping hands during the day, I need creative help do decorate the stands, I need students and parents, I  need famous people, I need someone who can produce a nice movie, I need fake teeth with rotten tooth and I need someone who can develop an application where you can turn your own photo of your smile into a toothless witch. I would like to have a game where fluorine competes with cariebacteria and deals with toothpaste. I want to have pictures of people with disgusting teeth with the text: “Would you like to have a kiss?” and slogans like “With healthy teeth, life is more fun!” to put on bottles of water. About these bottles, I also need 3000 of them!

Really all help is welcome! Even money! I have no budget, and still there is enough arranged!