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Next ToothCamp is coming!

Be welcome in Amsterdam 23 – 03 – 2023 

A CRAZY event to encourage teenagers to get informed about the importance of good oral health. Not regular boring stuff and lame study materials, but with exciting, chemical experiments with acid and lime or porcelain and abrasives. Biology, chemistry and physics by “MAD” professors set up the basics to inform the youth.

Everything with music, images and lots of humor! Especially for Pre-Adolescents

“Your teeth are yours, not the dentists nor your parents. Take good are of them yourself!”

 8th graders, get signed up for ToothCamp 2023 in Amsterdam.

Helping hands and sponsors be welcome! Sign up at info@toothcamp.nl.

Before Covid, we had this major event in Groningen, the RAI Amsterdam and Brabanthallen Den Bosch! Find information, pictures and messages about this event on Facebook

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