Creater and initiator

Ira van Eelen

As mother of a 12 year old pre- adolescent, I found that motivation, especially in that age group is at risk. Instead of just keep it to that thought, I came up with: ToothCamp 2014, Brushing teeth at the RAI.

How did it develop?

Due to a conversation at school with a mother (not coincidentally a dentist) where we shared our concerns and frustrations about the future of the Adolescent Teeth….. this idea originated!

An exciting day should be organised for 8th graders to inform and motivate them to take care of their own teeth.

With the slogan “Your teeth are yours, not the dentists nor your parents. Take good care of them!” the event takes place.
Show them that sugar is acidic, the strength and weakness of porcelain. Let them smell how a foul mouth stinks, show them what bad teeth look like, let them taste what it is like not to taste with dentures.

You can do exciting things with 8th graders while they are still listening to you. You can show them how we think about bad teeth , by looking at the teeth of the good and the bad guys in Pirates of the Caribbean. You can let them taste how it is to have dentures by tasting a lollipop in plastic. You can show them scary pictures as they also like to do when they play exciting video games . You can appeal to vanity, cleanliness and self-confidence.

8th Graders are going into their secondary school next year. One of the most important, but also dangerous periods in their dental life. The teeth are not yet mature as are their eating habits and oral hygiene.

Healthy teeth, a healthy mouth and a healthy body is a combined structure, not a sum of individual parts. It makes a difference whether you drink a Coke at 14 or at 24. The damage that occurs is irreparable. It does matter what time of day you brush. Water instead of sweets makes a difference and do not smoke as well! You can already tell them that every girl born now can become 100 years old…BUT our teeth are not really ready for that …..

 AND that’s why… I also want to invite the parents for this event. I want them to go home with extra motivation. They cannot think they are already done with their childs teeth.  They are hopefully able to brush their own teeth themselves but there is more to good oral healt. Many parents do not know all these facts.

The dream , the ideal and the possibility!

  • A mass of children for a great event •
  • A series of positive media statements and at least attention of het “Jeugdjournaal” •
  • An idea that’s going abroad with the compliments of the FDI World Dental Federation •
  • A project that will become an integral part of schools •
  • A number of experiments that have a permanent place at NEMO •
  • A group of young dentists who like to be in conversation with children •
  • and
  • A lot of teeth at  50,60,70 , … still fine in healthy mouths •

I ended up with the RAI because I am in the advisory board of the Dental Expo

I ended up at ACTA because I taught dental students during the Dental Management Games.

I ended up in dentistry because I worked for Vertimart for over more than 25 years . The automation supplier of more than half of all practices in the Netherlands